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When the termites are not there, it makes it very difficult for all of us to deal with them! So tempting it can be to investigate yourself, please give us a call immediately on 1300 132 062.

Termites (commonly known as white ants) are one of the most damaging pests in Australia. They cause millions of dollars damage to houses and structures throughout Melbourne and Victoria. According to CSIRO 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termites within the economic life of the construction.

This damage is not covered by most insurance companies. .

Do you think you've got TermitesIf you think you've termites or you've found a suspect skirting board or door frame it's very important not to disturb or break open the damaged lumber or workings as the termites will shut down the disturbed area and possibly begin damaging elsewhere in your home.The first thing to do is telephone us now on 03 9222 2266 and speak with one of our customer support team members to guide you through everything to do next.How would you tell if you have termitesTermites eat timber, hollowing it out of the inside this can cause the timber to look like it's bubbling or wrinkled.



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Inside a home people find termites in flooring, skirting boards and doorframes. If your flooring feels soft under foot or your vacuum cleaning goes via the skirting board, the first thing to do is call us now on 03 9222 2266 and arrange one of our accredited professional termite inspectors to perform an inspection.Do you've termites in or around your homeHere are some signs: Termite Prevention TipsAs a homeowner, there are steps you can take to discourage and even prevent termites in your home! Follow these termite prevention tips.We recommend removing all loose timbers stored in contact with the ground in the subfloor and around the exterior of the house since they are conducive to termite activity. .

We recommend to remove and/or replace landscaping timbers and wood retaining walls using a non-susceptible material, because it's conducive to termite attack.We recommend keeping garden beds beneath the weep holes and/or vents in the external walls as it allows concealed termite entry.We recommend you ensure that your vents are transparent to allow cross flow ventilation under your house as poor ventilation generates conducive conditions such as termite attack.Timbers in ground contact can provide concealed access for termite activity, we recommend for the wood to either be eliminated, or for the timbers to be raised on alloy check that stirrups.Termites are attracted to moisture, so resolve any leaking water pipes, drains, showers, and sinks as soon as possible.If you have a water tank we recommend for your water tank leak to be plumbed to storm water since excess moisture promotes termite attackMost hot water services have a relief valve and normally this drains against the home, we recommend for the hot water service overflow to be plumbed to a drain or from your home as excessive moisture boosts termite attackRegular termite inspections by an experienced and licensed termite inspector is recommended.

Regular inspections dont prevent termite attack but they restrict the amount of harm caused before being detected.Dawsons Termite Inspection Service At Dawsons Australia we provide a full detailed visual termite inspection that meets Australian standards using the most recent tools & equipment including a moisture metre and a microwave detection unit known as a Termatrac.



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Fences, Garden Landscape Timbers, Retaining walls.Suspect Trees & Stumps.With over 50 decades of experience, Dawsons Australia has eliminated termites from tens of thousands of homes throughout Victoria. We understand that your home is your biggest investment. Our accredited Termite Inspectors usually take between 2 and 4 hours to carry out a full inspection.

When you receive a builder to construct your new residence, you will be presented with a range of measures that can be taken against possible damage by termites (white ants).



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In the past, new homes were shielded by spraying on the sand pad with organochlorine substances. But, increased awareness about his regarding the effects of these chemicals on our health and the environment resulted in a decision by the Commonwealth Government, where organochlorines have not been available since 30 June 1995.



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Pesticides which have replaced organochlorines are now accessible but might not be quite as powerful in the longer term.

The incidence of, or potential for, irreparable harm to houses has not been correctly determined, but both government and the building industry agree that the continuation of adequate control measures is essential to lessen the risk of look at this website severe structural damage. The Building Code of Australia requires the structural components of each new building has to be safe from termite attack.

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